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See Coach  Mission Statement

The mission of the See Coach  Enterprise (and its owner/skipper, Larry Seeger) is to provide a sailing platform for people to acquire new and/or different experiences that will stimulate and energize them, encourage them to explore aspects of their inner self, human potential, and promote personal and professional growth.


 The Name

 The unusual spelling of the vessel’s name is intended to provoke discussion and reflect the mission of the enterprise.

See’ stands for:

  • Seeking adventure
  • sight Seeing when day sailing and offshore cruising
  • Seeking increased understanding of oneself and of others
  • Seeking personal and professional growth
  • and lastly (and coincidently) the first three letters of the owner’s surname

'Coach' is a word that represents:

  • Coaching people in their inner and outer personal and professional growth
  • An elegant vehicle for transportation

"The real voyage of discoery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in       having new eyes.                                                                      -- Marcel Proust