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See Coach Charters: Clients’ Comments


“A truly amazing experience. I was able to forget about all of my difficulties & hardships and focus on the wonderful views, great company and plentiful laughs. Thank you so much for such a spectacular voyage.”

J. Nelson; Mill Valley, CA


“You gave my family an amazing day. It is one that we will always remember fondly and with smiles! Sunny,  warm, exciting. Thanks so much for the experience and for supporting the Cystic Fibrosis cause.”

C. Johnson; Los Altos, CA


“Great Labor Day sail…even got out the Golden Gate Bridge and saw black dolphins! Music was great & company, picnic, etc. Thank you so much!”

B. Messick; San Francisco, CA


“Thanks, Larry, for not making me “toss my cookies!”. Oh what a fun and suntastic day! It was awesome. My husband says Larry is the man!”

B. Kelly; Bozeman, MT


“Loved the wild wind and salt breeze on my skin. How comfortable to be with you and friends. The ease of our sail. Loved the conversation. How special the day was! Thank you, hugs.”S.

Tracey; St. Helena, CA


“Thank you for an awesome experience. Sailing is such an amazing sport and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about it. You have such a positive outlook on life that really got everyone involved. I loved it!”

K. Miller; Santa Clara, CA


“Such fun. Absolutely gorgeous day. Larry sailed us to Scott’s Seafood Restaurant at Jack London Square via the San Francisco waterfront for a super lunch with a possible whale sighting. Returning we saw tug boats, huge container ships, sea lions swimming & sunning, sailed under the new Bay Bridge construction, and under jibe only hit 6.4 knots coming back.  Larry expertly backed into his berth & the fun continued with music--after folding up the steering wheel! What more could one ask for.”

B. Arvidson; Mill Valley, CA


“Larry! This was sublime. I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous experience ~ dancing on the water with you to watch the ballet of Blue Angles in the sky! It was fabulous!”

B. Hofkin; Fairfax, CA


“Wonderful,  incredible day. What a joy to sail with you—such a smooth, beautiful boat. Love the way you model, calm, comforting captaining for me…Learned a lot from you!”

S. Tracy; St. Helena, CA


“Back out to sea today, sailing out the Gate with 8 foot swells and 18 knots of wind. We came 30 feet from a breaching whale!!! Dolphins surfed behind us as we sailed back to the Golden Gate Bridge. Good conversation and wine with Larry! XXX”

S. Wilkinson; Sausalito, CA


“Larry is an an absolute doll!  I had such a wonderful time! The weather, company, food and wine were perfect! I was just craving a bit of excitement when Barbara’s camera case blew into the water and we had to do an exciting search and rescue that completed the trip! Thank you!”

L. Rutledge; San Francisco, CA


“Awesome!  Too great for words.  My family loved it. Sailing with Larry taught me that it was an art, a science and certainly a wonderful discipline. With warmest thanks and regards.”

O. de La Grandville, PhD; Geneva, Switzerland


“It was wonderful for my family: coming from Germany and sailing on the Pacific Ocean! To see this beautiful ride in Sausalito and to see San Francisco from the sea-side; wonderful and inspiring! And to do that with such friendly people!  My son liked that he was allowed to take the helm. Thank you very much. We are impressed.”

A. Von Woedtke;  Eine, Germany


“Thank you so much for a glorious day on the bay…a special day of memories. I appreciate your generosity. You’re a great sailor for an Army man!!”

H. Horne; Sonora, CA


“We had a great time (aside from our boiled lobster faces and a moment of sea sickness). Now I have been on all of the seven seas and it was great.”

A. and L. Isaksson;  Fiskebackskil, Sweden


“What a wonderful experience. I loved tipping! What a rush! It’s better than a roller coaster. I’ve never been on a big sailboat and felt the strength of the wind under sail. It’s really something special. I also felt like Indiana Jones going back for Dan’s hat on a rescue mission. Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime!”

K. Zabriskie; Olympia, WA; 8/13/06


“I loved your beautiful boat—inside and out! We had a gorgeous day and sailed way out beyond the Gate, then alongside the City, then over to Angel Island to bask & lunch in the beautiful weather! Your sailing tales and running commentary on shore-side sightings added spice.”

D. Stoddard; Los Gatos, CA


“I enjoyed spending this beautiful day on your lovely boat and especially sharing it with my 13 year old granddaughter visiting from Germany. It was thrilling for me to sail under the GG Bridge with her at the helm, giving the commands for turning about like an old sea salt. It is an experience she will treasure for a long time. Your skippering skills made us all feel very safe. We ended with a delicious potluck at Angel Island. Could any day be more perfect? BTW, Hanna says ‘May your ship stay aloft’.”

M. Diaz; Los Altos, CA; 


“I want to express my deepest gratitude towards Larry and his wonderful crew for bringing me out on his beautiful boat. We spent the day with great people and tasty food and got to see the Bridge from underneath. Not only did I acquire basic sailing skills today, but I also saw how involved and proud Larry is to be a captain of such a great and comfortable sailing boat. All in all, this is one of the days which will stick in your memory for your lifetime.”

M. Matethe; Berlin, Germany